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Clinton County Catalyst, formerly known as the Clinton County Economic Alliance, has recently undergone an organizational rebrand in order to move ourselves into the future. We no longer wish to be known as a traditional economic development organization because our efforts aim higher. We aspire to be a catalyst for Clinton County. A catalyst is an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action. We seek to bring about positive change throughout Clinton County utilizing our businesses, local governments, partners, and other organizations. Clinton County Catalyst uses our resources to connect, construct, and cultivate our community into a county that leads Michigan forward.

Explore our resources, initiatives, and membership.

Learn about Clinton County’s development opportunities.

Discover what makes Clinton County a vibrant community.

Our mission is to help our members and the rest of the community achieve success with each new endeavor. On top of being the county’s leading networking resource, we are a catalyst for change – sparking conversations about economic growth in Clinton County, Michigan.

Clinton County Catalyst is a non-profit, public-private organization, dedicated to enhancing the economic vitality of Clinton County. CCC is funded entirely by its membership which includes businesses, educational institutions, and municipalities. We are governed by a Board of Directors and Executive Committee comprised of investors throughout Clinton County and mid-Michigan. As the lead, county-wide economic development agency, we partner with local, regional, state, and federal organizations to provide sustainable and value-added services for business attraction, retention and growth, workforce development, and next-generation initiatives. When a new project is underway for a local organization, we get the right partners involved.

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Clinton County Fast Facts

Clinton County has business-oriented government officials from the private sector; an excellent availability of reasonably priced land and office, commercial, and industrial space; a productive, knowledge-based workforce. Clinton County is also within close proximity to major interstate highways with connectivity to national north/south and east/west interstates. International air service is available at Lansing’s Capital Region International Airport which is located in southwestern Clinton County.

#1 in milk production utilizing local farmers and the recently completed MWC facility which produces 8 million pounds of milk per day.
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398,000 students are enrolled in the 43 colleges and universities within a 100-mile radius of Clinton County
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62% of all US and Canadian manufacturing locations are located within 600 miles or a one-day drive from Clinton County
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90% of farmland in the county is classified as prime growing soil
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94.2% of persons 25 years of age or older have a high school diploma or higher level of education.
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